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25th October 2009

On Sunday 25th October, Shaftesbury TaeKwon-Do thoroughly enjoyed an 'official' welcome to Imperial from Master Nicholls. All students were particularly keen and excited to meet Master Nicholls and learn as much as possible during the day.
The session began at 10am with a black belt lesson - the main focus being on creating power in our movements through practising full power techniques as often as possible. After briefly covering tul, it's safe to say all students had learned things about themselves and TaeKwon-Do. Master Nicholls pointed out that it is important to have confidence in your TaeKwon-Do knowledge, sometimes there is no such thing as a wrong answer - and that nobody should be afraid to try to answer a question because they might be 'wrong'.
At 11am the colour belt lesson began - Master Nicholls ran through several kicks, he told students that not everyone can be expected to do the same, and that correct technique should never be sacrificed to kick higher. Some students impressed themselves with how much more power there was in their own kicks when performed as Master Nicholls directed them to. The lesson came to an end after the idea of kinetic linkage was discussed, all students left feeling very upbeat and a little more wise and confident with their TaeKwon-Do knowledge.
After a well earned lunch break, 20 students (rather nervous students) were ready to take part in the grading. There was a much more relaxed atmosphere in the hall after the students were told to relax, try not to let nerves get the better of you and if you don't know something - don't worry. The grading was very succesful, congratulations to all those students who passed!
ShaftesburyTKD would like to thank Master Nicholls for taking the time to visit us, and as expected everybody had a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

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