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Nicholas Overton
InstructorNicholas Overton
Grade5th Dan

I start Taekwon-Do in 1998 under the guidance of Mr Les Baker (Then a III Dan, Now a VI Dan with UKITF). 

I gained my black belt in August 2003 under First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM. 

I then went on the gain my II Dan in 2005 and III Dan in 2007, again under First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM. 

In September 2009 I promoted to IV Dan and in the same mouth gain my International Instructors certificate (both were with First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan OCM). 

In April 2013 I was promoted to V Dan by Grandmaster Nicholls IX Degree. 

I am now training regular with Master M Wood VIII Degree. 

I was a member of the UKTA since 1998 and now I am a member of UKITF under the guidance and instruction of Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls IX Dan. 

I have been an assistant instructor since 2005 and decide to become a full instructor in 2014.  

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