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11th Aug 2008 WI are ONE
On the 1st July history was made as ITF and WTF Taekwon-do united in a joint tournament and festival hosted by Oscar Oh of Cheong Chung University. Master Nicholls along with Mr Skyrme and 2 of his students witnesses and partook in the prestigious event.
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell]
11th Aug 2008 International Instructors Course at Missouri
Master Nicholls was met with a huge reception as we entered the hall in which the IIC was to be conducted. After several minutes waiting for the applause to stop the large group was divided into 3 so that tuls could be performed comfortably. It was then straight to work as colour belt patterns were performed and scrutinised by colour belts and black belts alike as they stood on the sides.
[Written By:  Laurie Cornwell]
11th Aug 2008 Master Trevor Nicholls Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre, Singapore
During the last week of July Island Taekwon-Do Centre was privileged to have the presence of Master Trevor Nicholls 8th Degree Black Belt & ITF Secretary General.
[Written By:  Mr James de Vroome, 6th Gup, ITF Singapore]
25th Jun 2008 U.T.A. Black Belt Seminar with Master Nicholls, 21st June 2008, Letchworth, UK
The seminar was exciting, Master Nicholls, with his awesome power demolishing bricks by touch of his hand was pure Taekwon-Do technique at its best Mr Uppal III
[Written By:  Andrew Botwright]
29th May 2008 1st China International Instructor Course
The ITF Secretary General, Master Nicholls along with Master Hogan and myself travelled to Zhu Hai China were INO 68, 147 and 335 were hosting the first International Instructor Course.
[Written By:  Imperial Admin]
29th May 2008 Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha Birthday
Imperial students were invited down to participate in a dinner event to celebrate GM Rhee's 70th Birthday on Saturday 17th.
[Written By:  Imperial Admin]
29th May 2008 Imperial Host Master Jose Maidana Workshop.
Master Jose Maidana VII, National Coach for Argentina flew over to London to train with Imperial students. Accompanied by Mr Dalton VI (IUTF) a training session was scheduled for Wednesday night at 7pm. Joined by Master Hogan VII and Mr Pat McCarthy VI Imperial students lined up eagerly awaiting Master Maidana arrival.
[Written By:  Imperial Admin]
29th May 2008 ITF World Championships 2007
On behalf of the organising committee I would like to thank all competitors, coaches and masters who helped make this event such a success. I would also like to thank the ITF Executive for appointing us official sponsors. In the interim we have uploaded the final results for your convenience
[Written By:  Imperial Admin]
18th Dec 2007 ITA Banquet + Workshop
Finishing the year with a 3 hour workshop from Master Nicholls follwed by the customary Award Presentation and a 4 course meal at the 4 star Crowne Plaza Hotel, London
[Written By:  Mark Skyrme]
18th Dec 2007 Seminar with Master Choi + Master Nicholls
The ITF President, Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa arrived on Thursday morning, 25th October 2007 in Singapore to host a master class seminar at the invitation of the International Taekwon-Do Federation Singapore (ITFS) and Island Taekwon-Do Centre...
[Written By:  Mr. Steve Slater, 1st Degree Blackbelt, ITF Singapore]
18th Dec 2007 Sharpening the Sword
Effective people involved in regular self-renewal and self-improvement in the physical/emotional, mental and spiritual areas of their lives
[Written By:  Mr Don Deedigan VI Degree]
18th Dec 2007 Partner Seminar Report
The overall theme for the seminar was concentrated on Power and as such the event was later promoted to be The Power Seminar
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 Master Choi Jung Hwa Seminar
Students, Instructors and Masters started to arrive at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Heathrow) early Saturday morning in anticipation for the Senior Seminar. The first of its kind, this seminar was specifically hosted for 2nd Degrees and above.
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 UTA Individual Competition
Working in partnership with Imperial TKD, U.T.A. Individual Competition 21st April 2007, Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre.
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 Scotland Seminar
On the 17th of December Imperial Scotland hosted the second visit of Master Nicholls to Dalkeith Campus in Midlothian.
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 WAKO Champions
GTS (Imperial) Instructors Mr Nicholas and Mr Adam Gardner attended the WAKO British Championships in Nottingham on the 17th-18th February,
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 Imperial Open 2006
With 300+ competitors the Imperial Opens was a hugh success... Very Closely contended. A full report will be published shortly, check back for regular updates. Don't forget pictures are available to purchase online: Click Here
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 Last Man Standing
8 man straight knock out Full Contact Kick Boxing tournament. Over 30 of us travelled to Rochester to support Lee Hollingsworth at this monumental event. Each bout consisted of 3 x 2 minute rounds of full contact action.
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 ITF Europeans
European Championships, Wetzlar Germany 2006 Results can be found here On the 30th of June to the 3rd of July the ITF European Championships was held in Wetzlar, Germany, hosted by Mr. T. Martella.
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
18th Dec 2007 ITA Scottish Championships
Outstanding sucsess.... We would like to thank Miss Catherine Divine and all our Scottish Instructors for a job well done. The event was extremely well organised and enjoyed by all.
[Written By:  ITA Administration]
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