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U.T.A. Individual Competition 21st April 2007, Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre:

The Annual Individual U.T.A. Tournament:

On Saturday the 21st April at Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre the U.T.A. held its 4th annual individual competition, with competitors representing almost every club from within the U.T.A. banner.  In total 118 competitors enjoyed a fun, thrill packed day in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Morning Schedule:

Weigh in and height measurements for juniors began at 10:30am (it is worth noting at this point that some of the officials had already been going since 5:00am that morning!), in an orderly fashion.  Our thanks are expressed to all competitors for their patients during this procedure.

The competition began with the junior patterns whilst the senior weigh ins continued, each of the two matted areas were manned by five judges and two administrators, with the senior umpire and other officials seated at the top table.  Sparring was accompanied by four corner judges, one referee a time keeper and an administrator.  U.T.A officials are required to renew their credentials to officiate every year, as instructors they are also required to update their instructors credentials and first aide certificates along with regular checks by the criminal records bureau.

The standard throughout the patterns was extremely high, with very little separating the winners from those in third and second placements.  Technique, rhythm, equilibrium and power were on show in abundance, developing as expected throughout the grading categories.

Golden Dragons Demonstration:

The proceedings broke for lunch at 13:45, to allow both competitors and spectators time for refreshments, and to purchase photographs ahead of the Golden Dragons demonstration at 14:15am.  The lighting was adjusted to set the scene for the demonstration and worked extremely well in creating the perfect atmosphere.  A video of the Golden Dragons demonstration is also available on the U.T.A. web site.

The Golden Dragons is a group of juniors nominated by the various clubs in the U.T.A. for their dedication to Tae Kwon-Do.  They were first established in January of this year and as such have only trained together on thirteen separate occasions, eight of which in preparation for the demonstration and until the tournament they had never before practiced the entire demonstration as one set piece.  Our congratulations are expressed to all the Golden Dragons and their instructors, also to Mr Horan V and other members of the U.T.A. committee whom have given time to assist in developing the demonstration team.

The standard of the demonstration can only be described as excellent, from the way the participants entered the matted area, to the timing of the synchronized patterns, the precision shown in the three step sparring, the energy and skill displayed during the free sparring exercise, the realism of the hoodie attack and self defence and the indomitable spirit shown during the multiple braking techniques, a very special well done to all those involved.

Afternoon Schedule:

The competition started again at 14:30 with the memory of the demonstration still fresh in peoples minds and continued until its fruition at 18:00, culminating in senior black belt patterns and sparring, which was an inspiration to all lower grades and finally ended with the all adult breaking techniques.  Warning counters were introduced for the first time in this years competition allowing the referee, competitors and spectators more opportunity to keep up with events as they unfolded, thank you to Mr Darrin Bonfield IV for providing these.

Comedy Moment:

Thank you to Mr Steve Fletcher II for his demonstration to all of the correct way to insert a groin guard, a welcome if unexpected part of the demonstration team events!

Competitors Conduct:

The conduct of all competitors (and indeed spectators) was exemplary throughout the event, and although warnings are expected, very few led to official warnings to be carried forwards through bouts and there were no disqualifications in any category, a worthy record to maintain.

Podium Presentations:

Podium presentations were finally awarded between 18:00 and 18:30 and photographs of all medal winners taken.  For a full list of those awarded medals please refer to the official U.T.A. website. http://www.unified-taekwondo-association.org/

Andrew Botwright III

Written by: ITA Administration - 18th December 2007

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