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8 man straight knock out Full Contact Kick Boxing tournament. Over 30 of us travelled to Rochester to support Lee Hollingsworth at this monumental event. Each bout consisted of 3 x 2 minute rounds of full contact action.

Lee was first on a 7pm and made short work of his opponent. Displaying his unrivalled kicking ability that makes him so popular at these events. The fight was fast paced thorough out with Lee dominating all three rounds and was given the win by a unanimous decision, moving Lee on to the semi finals later that evening.

Lees second fight was against a more experienced fighter Steve Granger (TS Kickboxing). Lee using excellent ring craft took the fight to Steve having him on the retreat for the majority of the fight. A crowd inspiring double turning kick combination early in the second round had Steve tasting the canvas, after which there was no coming back. All credit to Steve as once again the fight went the distance with Lee taking the win and advancing into the final.

The final was the penultimate fight of the evening and the crowds atmosphere was electric in anticipation of what was to come. Steve Swinburn rated number 6 in the country was to be Lees opponent in the final. Steve had mad short work of his opponents on route to the final, including one TKO in his first bout. Both fighters entered the ring to the roaring crowd. Round one was close with both fighters exchanging blows and sizing one another up. To the cheers of the crowd both stood toe to toe in round 2 and put on an excellent display of kickboxing, Lee just pushed ahead scoring several kicking techniques and stopping Steve in his tracks with a few well placed body shots. Round three saw the two fighters exchange combinations once again with Lee showing some superb ring craft and his ability to dodge the oncoming attacks. Steve continued relentlessly trying to catch Lee but to no avail.

At the end of round three they both received a standing ovation from the crowd, unfortunately for Lee the decision went to Steve Swinburn making him the Last Man Standing. After a great evening of kickboxing we all retired back to our cars for the long drive home.

Congratulations to Lee Hollingsworth for a spectacular show, we would also like to wish Steve luck in his up and coming title fight.

Video footage:  Heats  ◊  Semi Finals  ◊  Final

Written by: ITA Administration - 18th December 2007

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