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U.T.A. Black Belt Seminar with Master Nicholls, 21st June 2008, Letchworth, UK
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U.T.A. Black Belt Seminar with Master Nicholls, 21st June 2008, Letchworth:

The Seminar:

This was the 2nd Master Class that Master Nicholls VIII has conducted for the UTA it started with Master Nicholls explaining the expected difference in power between a pattern performed by count as opposed to that performed in the players own time, the additional power generated in your own time he explained is caused by the kinetics of seamlessly moving between movements, one to the other, by not stopping our momentum we are able to utilise all the energy of the bodys natural movement.


Master Nicholls VIII demonstrated this by encouraging line work to continue in a forward direction where the point of no return and the body kinetics and mass are at their most optimum.  The groups moved through various hand fundamental exercises in this way, Punching, Knife hand Guarding Block, Twin forearm and Knife hand strike, Front Snap Kick, Turning Kick and Side Kick, each technique receiving an insightful observation about where the group could improve their performance, Master Nicholls VIII promoted the idea of self observation and teaching, trying to assess oneself, try to feel the movement of your own body and optimise its performance in that way.


During the proceedings we were treated to a formidable display of a master effortlessly breaking two bricks, one with a perfectly timed Turning kick, the other with an effortless Knifehand, both techniques delivered deliberately with just enough energy required to split the brick in half, it was clear to see how much additional power Master Nicholls VIII had kept in reserve.


We then moved on from pattern Dan Gun to pattern Won Hyo, the whole class performing the pattern in unison, we were reminded during the pattern where all the elements we had learned should be utilised.


The afternoon was spent briefly going through all the black belt patterns right up to fifth degree patterns.


Master Nicholls VIII concluded the seminar with a speech about utilisation of body mass through sign wave and how he is confident having worked with Mr Horan V that the U.T.A. is working hard towards the original teachings of General Choi IX and the goals of the I.T.F.  He stated how the U.T.A. is in such safe hands with Mr Horan V and delivered a compliment of momentous proportions, saying after travelling the world many times over he could count on one hand the group of people who understand the true Taekwon-Do techniques like Mr Horan V.


The U.T.A. Banquet Master Nicholls as Guest:


The UTA held a celebratory banquet to honour the formation and rapid expansion of the UTA as an organisation since its inception in 2004, and for Master Nicholls VIII who has been pivotal in assisting and encouraging the U.T.A. in its pursuits.


We sat for our meal and waited in honour of Mr Nicholls VIII for himself to start the proceedings by taking his first drink or having something to eat, there followed three courses of delicious food, much needed after a busy day of training for most of those in attendance.


After the meal Mr Horan V stood to the podium to relay the first speeches of the evening.  He thanked all for attending the Seminar and the Banquet and for their support to the U.T.A.  But the speech was mostly dedicated to Master Nicholls III whom has helped the U.T.A so much since its inception and along the way during its formative years, hopes were expressed once again for a long and fruitful continuance of the relationship the U.T.A has formed with the I.T.A and its founder, Master Nicholls VIII.


In a departure from the norm and with the full backing of Master Nicholls VIII and the I.T.F. honourary first Dan black belt certificates and status cards were awarded to Mr and Mrs Thompson whom have so tirelessly supported and encouraged their childrens development both in TaeKwon-do and also the rest of their activities and education over the years, they have attended every normal training session, every golden dragon event, competition and seminar for a number of years, a much deservered acknowledgement of their commitment.


Master Nicholls VIII was then presented with a token of thanks by Mr Horan V on behalf of the U.T.A. for his time and dedication to Tae Kwon-Do, which then followed by a speech about his dealings with the U.T.A. and especially its chairman Mr Horan V, he reassured every one that receives instruction under Mr Horan V and those that have formed their own clubs under the U.T.A. that they are receiving the very best that TaeKwon-Do has to offer in Mr Horan V and he hoped for a long and successful future for the U.T.A.


In a surprise announcement Master Nicholls attributed much of the personal lobbying and peaceful protest about the use of Juche as the name of the fifteenth pattern, Master Nicholls recognised Mr Horan V for his ability to have found a way of living at ease with the situation until such a time that the blip in TaeKwon-Dos history, for which it was explained there were considered reasons, could be rectified, he then went on to announce that from this point forth within the I.T.F. it had been agreed with Grand Master Choi IX to rename the Fifteenth pattern to Ko-Dang, the first step towards a longer term goal of showing that TaeKwon-Do exists only for its own purpose, to build a more peaceful world with no political or religious affiliations, or influence from either to hinder that progress, this announcement was met with a much deserved standing ovation, the second of the evening.


Quotes of Those in Attendance:


To be able to do patterns with such class in the room was an honour and one experience I will keep for many years to come. - Mr Bonfield IV


The seminar was exciting, Master Nicholls, with his awesome power demolishing bricks by touch of his hand was pure Taekwon-Do technique at its best Mr Uppal III

Written by: Andrew Botwright - 25th June 2008

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