1st China International Instructor Course
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The ITF Secretary General, Master Nicholls along with Master Hogan and myself travelled to Zhu Hai China were INO 68, 147 and 335 were hosting the first International Instructor Course.

Leaving from Heathrow we had time to stop for a quick bite to eat at the airport. After refuelling the tanks we made our way to the check in. With a surprisingly small queue (NOT), the three of us were all looking forward to the trip and time flew by, soon we were taxing down the runway.

After a short stop in Paris we arrived at Hong Kong International airport Friday Lunchtime. A 40 minute ferry ride and we were at the Chinese Immigration department filling out our Visa Applications. Finally checking in to the hotel we unpacked the cases and put a suit on for Friday Evenings banquet.

The organisers had booked the Banquet Hall for this celebration and it was full of extremely enthusiastic students awaiting Master Choi''''s entrance. After being seated we all enjoyed a superb Chinese meal. Over the evening we made some new friends and reunited with some old ones. Very nice to meet up with Dr. Zbiqniew Kurk who was assisting Master Choi and also Nelsun Cheah, Gary Lee who I had not seen since the World Championships in Birmingham. The evening ended with Master Nicholls making a speech and congratulating every one on making ITF history in attending the first ever IIC held in China.

Early Saturday Morning sore everyone gathering in the hall, for what turn out to be an intensive 8 hour training session. Dr. Zbiqniew Kurk took the group through an intense warm-up, when Master Choi entered he took command for the entire course assisted by Master Nicholls, Master Hogan and Mr Kurk.

The entire 3 day course concentrated on the basics of power generation and use of the sine wave along with utilising body mass and speed. Starting from Choi Ji the whole group went through each pattern by micro analysing every possible way to generate that last extra bit of power. Many of the students returning to the ITF after several years outside were amazed to see how easy it is to generate such power just by applying the basic principles to every single move in the pattern.

With Master Choi''''s unique teaching style everyone began to see an improvement in their technique and by the end of the three days they were still eager to learn. Master Nicholls and Master Hogan conducted a grading for Mr Jing Nan Xu were he successfully promoted to V Degree. Well Done!

After leaving china we returned to Hong Kong by ferry were we had a couple of days to relax and enjoy the sites. Hong Kong is an extremely vibrant city with a huge amount of night life. We strolled down the Avenue of Stars where we stopped for pictures by the Bruce Lee Memorial. Fining the hand prints of Jackie Chan and Jet Li amongst others cast in cement was a bonus, and the show where the buildings light up to music was spectacular.

On our final day we decided to visit a shopping centre on the boarder of Hong Kong and China in a place called Shenzhen. After a short train ride (Boy are there trains clean) we arrived once again at immigration applying for a visa. Once in china the sheer size of the shopping centre drops your jaw to the ground. Seven floors with over 1500 shops selling very cheap (All Original :-) items ranging from Watches to laptops, Shorts to Taylor made suits. Several hours and a couple of miles later we called it a day and headed back to Hong Kong with our bargains.

Arriving back Tuesday evening we have just enough time to empty the case and pack for Ireland this weekend. One thing to be said about Taekwon-Do, "You sure get to see the world". I had a great time and would like to thank Master Nicholls and Master Hogan for the company, and would like to ask:
 "When are we going back ?"

Mark Skyrme
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Written by: Imperial Admin - 29th May 2008

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