BTC Instructor Training Day

5th October 2019 09:00 to 16:45 @ Radmoor Centre, Radmoor Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3BT view map
BTC are pleased to invite Registered Instructors of all BTC Member Organisations to the next BTC Instructor Training Day

BTC Instructor day Saturday 5th October 2019

09.00 Doors open

09.05 Registration and payments.Teas,coffees and juices available

09.15 Explanation of the days running order and goals

09.30 Working with learning disability and sport workshop.

12.30 Lunch-sandwiches,fries,fruit and drinks provided.

13.00 First aid, Equity, basic safeguarding and TTL workshops.

16.45 Workshop finishes and feed back given.


The course is only open to BTC instructors and assistants who are current BTC and organisation members only.


If you missed the previous BTC instructor days you will not be at a disadvantage.

Due to the success of previous BTC instructor days and the feed back given and the request for more courses on improving Instructors and coaching skills.

With this in mind the morning workshop will be:

Working with learning disabilities and sport workshop”

This workshop is developed through a partnership between Mencap Sport and special Olympics Great Britain this workshop looks at learning disability and sport.It’s aim is to help clubs,coaches and providers of sport understand how to support people with a learning disability to access sporting opportunities in an inclusive environment.

What does the workshop cover?

  • What is a learning disability?
  • The issues and barriers people with a learning disability face when accessing sport.
  • Different ways of communicating with people with a learning disability.
  • Different ways of including people with a learning disability in sport.
  • How to promote sport to people with a learning disability.
  • Different pathways and opportunities available in learning disability sport.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about learning disabilities and sport; Whether that is professional sports staff and coaches and leisure centre staff.

All workshops come with a BTC qualification or a Mencap certification.

Each afternoon workshop lasts around 3- 3 ½ hours approx.

Applicants can attend the Working with disability in and sport workshop plus one other workshop.


Please note, you cannot just do one or the other.

Course fee:  £60, payable to UK ITF.  If you book a place and do not attend you will be charged.


Applicants must put in order which workshop preference they have as their first may not be available due to it being full.

Applications will be done on a first come basis

Email date and time are proof of application.

BTC Information that will be needed on the application is:

Name –

Contact telephone number -

BTC Licence number-



List your workshop preference in order as we may not be able to provide your first choice first.

All workshops cover all sports but give a more Taekwondo specific view. They are always very informative and enlightening.  

eg: My 4 choices are:

1 = Equity.

2 = Time to listen.

3 = BTC First Aid.

4 = Basic safeguarding and protecting children.


UK ITF applicants must email [email protected] all the information required and the course fee paid by bank transfer to the UK ITF bank account.


Subject = BTC Instructor training day 4 - 5th October 2019.

The day is open to BTC instructors and assistants and future welfare officers who must be current members.


Information on the topics covered on the workshops available are:


BTC Taekwondo Instructors first aid course. 16 years +

*Suitable for the BTC qualification to instruct or assist. It is a first aid course covering basic first aid with extra modules relevant to Taekwondo injuries sustained while training. Also working with children including CPR and choking, etc.


Time to Listen course

(16 years+ only) This workshop can only be attended if you have attend a basic safeguarding course first, ie the one on the BTC instructors course, or an external course done with a different body.

Information of previous course and date must be provided.

Information covered on the course:

*How a club welfare officer works with others to create a child centred environment.

*Explain how the club welfare officer role fits into the wider safeguarding environment.

*Apply learning to case studies including sharing good safeguarding practise.

*Identify and recognise good coaching practices and the implications for your coaching.


Equity in your coaching. (16 years+)

*The definition of sports equity and why it is important.

*How to identify and deal with any barriers faced by participants.

*The appropriate language and terminology.

*Develop your existing skills and experience to make your sessions more accessible.

*How to become more equitable.


Basic safeguarding and protecting children course

Applicants must be 16 yrs old.(Anyone 16-18 must be chaperoned by an appropriate adult to attend this workshop.)

Instructors who wish to attend this course and refresh their knowledge can attend.

Information covered on the course.

*To help protect yourself, and the young people you are instructing / coaching.

*Understanding and following good coaching practice.

*Learn about child abuse and how to handle situations If our have any.

Start Time09:00
End Time16:45
ContactUK ITF Club Support Team
Email[email protected]
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Tel01895 459947
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Costs 60.00 (Member)  

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