Master Choi Jung Hwa Seminar
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Master Choi Jung Hwa


Students, Instructors and Masters started to arrive at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Heathrow) early Saturday morning in anticipation for the Senior Seminar. The first of its kind, this seminar was specifically hosted for 2nd Degrees and above.


All students started to congregate in the hall and Master Harry from the UK took the group through a gentle but thorough warm up. As if planned to the second, Master Choi, Master Nicholls and Mr Parm Rai entered to a round of applause immediately after the warm up.


The class started with us showing our respect to the Founder and President Choi followed by the now infamous Mr Rai beasting session. This had all of us working to the maximum and in a focused state of mind for the brain straining technical session ahead.


Master Choi took the floor and without hesitation started at Kwang-Gae. The technical knowledge of Master Choi seemed endless as we worked our way through the pattern, with the president demonstrating how he wanted to see the techniques executed. The floor was opened to questions and Master Choi answered these in great detail leaving no stone unturned. Moving on to Po-Eun, once again the class was put through its paces as the extremely high technical standard of Master Choi was emphasized on all members. The floor was once again opened to questions. Slightly late but well needed was a short break, where refreshments had been laid on by the organisers



Once again we started straight in with Ge-Beak and went through move by move. Mr Parm Rai was demonstrating throughout with Master Choi explaining not only why it was performed but also the applications for the movements. The floor was opened to questions, the abundance of these seemed to eat into our time and brought the first days session to a close. We all bowed out and retired to our rooms to refresh for the Banquet.


The banquet doors opened around 8.15pm as everyone was allocated their seat. The background music was playing and to add a little mystery to the evening had organised a magician to entertain the guests at their seats. Master Choi entered to a standing ovation and took his place at the top table. The banquet staff immediately started to bring out the food and beverages. The atmosphere in the room was electric all evening with everyone in deep conversation, no doubt discussing the technical issues that had been taught only hours before. After dinner came the customary speeches before Master Choi retired to his room. Still not willing to let the night end most of the guests continued on until early hours of the morning, a sure sign of the enjoyment for the evening.


Sunday morning started with a senior grading culminating with Mr Mitchell Ross UK being promoted to III Degree and Mr Matthew Payne UK to IV Degree.


At 10am we were all lined up ready to begin. Mr Don Deedigan VI started the warm up in his own unique style. Particularly brain teasing was being asked to perform certain 2, 3 or 4 move combinations from the nominated Kup pattern. In my opinion a very good way to get the brain working as well as the body. We finalised the warm up with the execution of several self defence combinations with a partner.


Master Choi entered with another round of applause. The presidents opening statement This is what you are all here for, "can we have 5th Dans and above on the floor. We then proceeded to demonstrate Se-Jong and So-San, with Master Choi dissecting every move and combination. After that gruelling session it was time for the whole group to go through one of the most technically difficult tuls Juche. With the space limitations we were split into three groups, each performing numerous times.


In conclusion I would like to thank Master Choi and Mr Rai for travelling to the UK. Our Masters who were on hand throughout the seminar Master Nicholls, Master Gayle, Master Hogan, Master Ogborne and Master Harry. On a personal note I would like to thank you all for attending and making the event a huge success, I consider it my privilege to train along side some many great Taekwon-Do Practitioners.


Mark Skyrme VI

Written by: ITA Administration - 18th December 2007

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