IIC & ITF 40th Anniversary Celebration
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Departing on Friday the 24th of March, travelling to Cork, Ireland was Master Nicholls, Master Hogan, myself Lucy Wolf, and several other members of the UKITF.

We were greeted at the airport in Cork and escorted to the hotel by Mr Dalton and some of his instructors and students.
Shortly after arriving and checking in at the hotel, we had only a brief while before we were off for the first three-hour session of the seminar, which took place at the Neptune Stadium.

Present were six ITF Masters including Master Wheatley, Master Nicholls, Master Saunders, Master Hogan, Master Harry and Master Sahota, along with the ITF vice president Mr Tibollo.
This first session was carried out using a workshop format. The 220 participants - from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany/Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Afghanistan - were separated into groups according to grade and each of the Masters focussed on different facets of Taekwon-Do training ranging from kicking drills, self defence techniques, patterns and technique application.
This was an enjoyable as well as a unique experience being taught in such small groups by a number of Master practitioners.

The following two days of the seminar were held at the Silver Springs Hotel, conducted by our ITF president, Grand Master Choi. Covered in detail were the colour belt and 1st degree black belt patterns. Grand Master Chois emphasis was predominantly on power coupled with technical precision promoting a realistic application of Taekwon-Do techniques.

The banquet was on the Saturday evening, celebrating the International Taekwon-Do Federations 40th Anniversary. The evening was very pleasant and it was lovely to see everyone all dressed up! At the banquet there were several speeches and announcements, the most touching of which was the promotion of Mr Ogborne to Master very many congratulations on this well deserved accolade!

In closing I would like to extend my thanks for a memorable weekend to Grand Master Choi, Mr Tibollo, Master Wheatley, Master Nicholls, Master Saunders, Master Hogan, Master Harry, Master Sahota and Master Ogborne. I look forward to seeing and training with you all again in the near future.

Lucy Wolf, V Degree

Written by: ITA Administration - 18th December 2007

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